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Counter strike 1.6 download

Counter Strike 1.6 Download

counter strike 1.6 game theme pictureIt has been a long time since valve released last official Counter strike 1.6 client update. So it is not surprising that hackers found the way how to infect our client. By sending they’re server advertisements into our client game files via malicious scripts. These malware scripts(slowhack) are known as: game menu, masterserver or config changers, autoconnect plugin and any key binders. For this reason playing has become more annoying than interesting way to relax. So then we decided to create page and option which lets enjoy CS. This options is called Counter strike 1.6 download game and use it without any chance to be infected. Slowhack was not the only reason. One of the reasons was the save popularity of CS 1.6. Because in so many years for many players this part(original v44 version) started being source of boredom. So we decided to create not just protected original CS 1.6 version. But make many clients which is based on our ideas. Some ideas like: Counter strike 1.6 2019 or CS 1.6 full free… To download counter strike 1.6 version press on the links bellow: Download counter strike 1.6 or Counter strike 1.6 download.

Here you can download cs 1.6 non steam version. Client is compatible with any of MS windows operation systems: XP/vista7/8/8.1/10. To downlaod Counter strike 1.6 you just need to click on direct or mirror(torrent) links which ones is presented below this sentence. If you just do not know how to do that, please follow and read our articles below. These articles will explain you how to download or install CS 1.6 setup

About Counter Strike 1.6 game

This picture shows: counter terrorist in de_dust map20 years ago Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe created huge half-life modification, which been called “Counter Strike”. This modification been very successful, that valve decided to merge with developers and start improve it together. In 2003 after 3 years of improvements we received version from valve developers, which been called Counter Strike 1.6. CS 1.6 born like a FPS(First person shooter) game with multi and single player gamemodes. Like one of the most popular games and Number 1 FPS action game in the world of video games. Because interest in the game was so great that valve sold more than 50 million’s copies of all cs series games. CS popularity reason was that for many video game players this game has been granted a lot hapiness, friends and activities. Some activities was creating game servers, play cs 1.6 with friends in tournaments and organize them. This game point is fight between terrorists and Counter-terrorists, to beat down enemies team. When all members of enemie’s team is eliminated, survivor’s team wins the round, after 16 sucsesfull rounds, team wins the match .


About CS 1.6 game mode types

Hostage picture from cs 1.6 game

CS 1.6 has a lots of official game mode types how teams and players can face the eye into eye. One of those types is play DE_(bomb-based) maps. In de_ maps Counter-Terrorist’s must defend 2 bomb plants(sites) from bomb carriers(i mean Terrorist’s team), if somehow terrorist’s manage to plant the bomb, CT’s must utilize all T’s and defuse the bomb in a certain period of time, if it’s not possible, Terrorist’s win the round. Ofcourse if terrorists did not planted the bomb, it is enough to kill entire player of enemy team and survivors team wins the round. Terrorist’s in de_ maps must attack ct’s and try to plant bomb or kill full enemy team. The difference between ct’s and t’s is that CT’S must defend plants and kill entire t’s team, T’s must attack plants and kill entire ct’s team, to know more just use cs 1.6 download option ant try by yourselves to play cs in de_ maps than you will get full knowledge of this map type. Another type of maps is cs_(Hostage rescue). In CS_ type maps everything is different, CT must escape hostages from a terrorists team to safe zone(CT Spawn), T must defent Hostages from rescue. Without these two types there such more different style maps like: as_, fy_, aim_ he_ or even fun_ styles.




fy-type map in cs 1.6 game. Map name fy_pool_day De_type maps in CS 1.6 cs-type maps in CS 1.6 game. Map name - cs_assault


How to Download CS 1.6 and install setup

counter strike 1.6 install program

This is the article and tutorial for those, who don’t know how to download cs 1.6 and install!

Notes: If you have a bad internet connection or slow speed we recommend you to choose a “cs 1.6 torrent download” way. Using via torrent technology your game will reach you much faster as using direct method via your internet browser.

Everything what you need to install or cs 1.6 download is read carefully this tutorial below and do everything how it is described. And it’s gonna be very simple and fast expirience in your life.





  1. You need to choose the way how you want to download cs 1.6. In our website you can do it in 2 different ways. By download it via direct method(Straight from our server without any programs) or using torrent. To choose in which way you want to do it, go in the top of website and on the right corner you will see two image links “CS 1.6 download” or “CS 1.6 Torrent” and press.
  2.  When you already chosen type and cs 1.6 download is finished. Press on cs-16.exe setup file and open it.
  3.  Few times press “next” button.
  4.  Choose game install directory.
  5.  Again press “next” button.
  6. After when cs installing is finished, press finish or close the program.
  7.  CS 1.6 is download and installed, now you can enjoy tha game. Good luck!

Features of CS 1.6 Client

Features of cs 1.6 client

  • Ability to play with bots.
  • 100% protected from slowhack.
  • Working server browser(MasterServer).
  • 15000+ Servers in Serverbrowser
  • Original configs and cvars
  • Lots of Maps
  • +100FPS
  • Our Client is compatible with Microsoft Windows: 7/8/8.1/10/XP/vista operation systems

PC requirements for Counter Strike 1.6

The minimum system requirements to play:
CPU speed at least: 500Mhz

Minimum 128 MB of RAM.

At least 16MB of GPU(Video card)

1GB(1024mb) of free disk space.

OS(Operation system): Windows: xp, vista, 7, 8, 8,1, 10

Gear: Keyboard, Mouse

Internet accsess if you want to play Counter strike 1.6 multiplayer in Servers

The recommended system requirements to play:
CPU speed: 900Mhz or faster.

512 MB of RAM or More.

At least 128MB of GPU(Video card)

2GB(2048mb) of free disk space.

OS(Operation system): Windows: xp, vista, 7, 8, 8,1, 10

Gear: Keyboard, Mouse

Internet accsess if you want to play multiplayer in servers


Download cs-1.6-setup.exe button


Download cs-1.6-setup.exe via torrent

Size: 177mb

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