Counter Strike 1.6 download – what you need to know?

Counter Strike 1.6 download – It’s Counter-Strike 1.6 game setup(install) file download. I think you’re a lot of time searching fully working newest version of counter-strike 1.6(CS 1.6) client install without viruses or malware programs and you could find fully working cs 1.6 game client ist true? If ist true i have good news to you. Here you can downlaod fully working Counter-Strike 1.6(CS 1.6) setup(install) without viruses or malware programs. You can download this game directly from our website, just click on direct link at the top of this page. WARNING – When you download a copy of this game, you confirm that you have the legal Counter-Strike version, and downloaded a copy of it will be used only for your personal use. Counter-Strike 1.6 game downloading from our website will take just a few moments, because it takes only a couple of hundred megabytes, and this, already mentioned CS 1.6 setup file is hosted in the fast, virtual private server. Counter-Strike 1.6 game can be downloaded directly by clicking direct link or by using the uTorrent application (download .torrent files in by clicking on cs 1.6 torrent download buttons). uTorrent application is very useful if your Internet connection is not fast, because with this amazing application help you can download file’s at maximum speed and at any time you can stop, pause or continue downloading.

Article about our Counter Strike 1.6 client.

Our Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) is fully optimized for the best gameplay quality, this client also don’t have any malware programs or viruse’s, it’s compatible with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1. This client have fully working server’s browser (find server’s), bot’s, classic skin’s (model’s), map’s, sound’s, object’s and other things who need’s to play best game


  • File size: ~192MB
  • This Counter Strike 1.6 client is newest version with all updates.
  • Included CS 1.6 Download masterserver
  • Included latest CS 1.6 bots (CPU players)
  • Removed ads and half-life files
  • CS 1.6 files protected from slowhack (autoconnect,gamemenu change,loading banner change etc)
  • CS 1.6 configuration optimized to highest fps and lowest ping. This game version is optimized for the highest frames per second (fps) for best gameplay quality
  • Have fully working server’s browser(findservers)
  • This client is fully optimized for the higest fps, rates and other things, who need’s to play for best gameplay quality
  • Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Client

Direct:Download cs-1.6-setup.exe button

Torrent:Download cs-1.6-setup.exe via torrent

Size: 177mb

Thank you for Counter Strike 1.6 download and for reading this article.
How to install Counter-Strike 1.6:
First open install file and configure the install data.Then wait when install is completed and now you can launch Cs 1.6 by click on “counter-strike 1.6.exe” shortcut.

What is Counter Strike 1.6?


Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of the most popular game of all-time first-person shooter type games. This amazing and unique game has won many different awards and nominations in a variety of competitions. Counter Strike 1.6 game has singleplayer and multiplayer game mode – the multiplayer game mode is for playing with / against real players, CS 1.6 servers is highly developed, these days there is a lot of CS 1.6 servers with various modifications, such as the CSDM, Zombie Plague, Surf and countless other slightly less popular versions. Counter Strike 1.6 was released in 2003, it’s up to these days lose their huge popularity and huge fan wheel CS 1.6, regardless of the CS already counts eleven years of its existence. Counter-Strike 1.6 game you will see a wide selection of weapons, CS 1.6 players usually use these weapons: AK-47, M4A1, Magnum Sniper Rifle, Deagle, USP. Counter-Strike 1.6 is a game of Half-Life game modification.

More information Counter-Strike 1.6

Some Game-play videos from Counter-Strike 1.6:

Short dictionary of Counter Strike 1.6 game definition’s:

CS – This is a shortening of the Counter-Strike name.
CS 1.6 – This is a shortening of the Counter-Strike 1.6 name.
GG – Good Game
GL – Good Luck
HF – Have Fun
RR – Restart (CS 1.6 server-side cvar – sv_restart 1)
KNF – Knife round
Pro – Proffesional Counter Strike 1.6 game player
CM – Counter Strike 1.6 Clan Match
WCG – world cyber games
CPL – Cyberathlete professional league
FPS – Frames per second
MOTD (Messege Of The Day
Wh – WallHack
Aim – Aimhack
FB – FlashBang grenade
He – High Explosive grenade
Sg – Smoke grenade


Zombie Plague and other zombie plague modifications.
Base Builder
Hide N Seek


If you want play this game without lag, your computer parameters must be higher than minimal requirements for this game. Minimum requirements you can see below this article. If your computer parameters will be lower than minimal requirements you will not be able to play Counter-Strike 1.6.

Minimal System Requirements for CS 1.6 game.

CPU with a clock speed of 800 MHz or higher
128 MB of RAM
32 MB video card +
650 MB of free disk space
Mouse, keyboard
Internet access

Recommended System Requirements for CS 1.6 game.

CPU with a clock speed of 1200 MHz or higher
512 MB of RAM
128 MB video card +
750 MB of free disk space
Mouse, keyboard
Internet access

Why we created

Internet users have the rights to play the best quality games, but internet is spamed with not working games, so we decided to launch CS 1.6 Download site, that people could download good game for free. We host Counter-Strike 1.6 install on high internet speed server, so download speed should be high too. Counter Strike 1.6 is old game, so it need to be updated – here you will always find only latest version of CS 1.6

Why cs 1.6 remained popular after more than 10 years of establishment?

Because counter-strike 1.6 does not require powerful computer with strong GPU or CPU. This game multiplayer is the best of the world, because people’s now after more than 10 years of establishment this game, anyway creating servers, new modifications, plugins and updating this wonderful game. This game is so popular because it was the first game full of emotion, the inclusion of the game, tournaments, many players, servers, singeplayer and other things.

About cs 1.6 Modifications

Cs 1.6 is 18 years old now, and it is not surprisingly that this game started being annoying. To not lose players, fans and developers decided to create more interesting game mods and they have been maded lots of cs 1.6 mods.

If you’re boring playing Original cs 1.6 this article is for you, because below this text we will put some modifications that you will be available to get rid of boredom while playing Counter-Strike 1.6

CSDM– Counter-Strike 1.6 deathmatch. – is a type of gameplay mode where the objective must frag as many players in the game as possible.When enemy are killed, he respawns at the same time without waiting another round.

Zombie Plague – is a modification, developed via AMX Mod X technology as AMX Mod X Plugin, which absolutely changes the gameplay in CS servers. In this mod humans are fighting zombies for survival. This mod has lots of game types: Nemesis, Survivor, swarm and much more. Has more than 30 diffrent zombie and human classes, extra items shop and system, diffrent style grenades.

Deathrun– Is a mod in which a single player fights alone against the other team, his only weapons are his deadly traps.

Gungame – Modification where you start playing with the lowest class pistols and after each 3 kills you are leveling up and getting better guns until you reach AWP, after awp you must to kill somebody with knife, after kill you win the game. There is two types of gungame: team gungame and single gungame.

Paintball – Its a paint ball style game mod. where players are shoting not with the bullets but with the paint’s, each hit means kill.

Soccer [Football] – Same as in reality, just very funny, with glowing persons or ball on fire.

Surf – Mod which has different maps, in these maps you must to surf with board, if you fall of surfing areas you will appear in jail, where you must to fight for your survival or think how to pull up from jail.

Jailbreak – Your point is to pull up from the jail and kill all ct’s to win the round, ofcourse if you playing for ct’s your point is to control all T’s and save your life.

More CS 1.6 MODS:

SuperHero, Kreedz, Knife Mod, Warcarft 3, BunnyHop Mod, BaseBuilder, Zombies escape, cs:go mod, cod4, battlefield, World at war, Diablo mod, predator, sentry gun, lasermines, public, hsdm

Definitions and keywords that helps to find thes best version of Counter strike 1.6 client in our cs 1.6 download website:


download counter strike version 1.6 free – It’s the keyword which mostly is usable to find game version that did not cost any money and you can download it for free.

download cs 1.6 for free on pc – This definition are usable to find free version of counter strike 1.6 game which works on personal computer(PC).

counter strike 1.6 free download on utorrent – Players using this tag to get this product on torrent system which they’re using or find the way how to download cs 1.6 via utorrent software.

cs 1.6 download rar – This keyword means that, they can download cs files in .rar archyve or any other archyved file format, which probably use less space than setup.exe file. And ofcourse not everybody can use setup.exe files because of their problematic operation system

cs 1.6 loader download It’s exactly the same as cs 1.6 download setup, just this client has own game launcher(Loader) which opens the way to play CS for every OS users.

cs 1.6 download balkan – Counter strike 1.6 download Balkan region installation file or Another CS game version Created for Balkan region

cs 1.6 download baixaki – Version created by baixaki website, which you can download without any viruses or malware, just by pressing on link after this meaning explanation text.

cs 1.6 download clean version – Its a defition to describe a client which has no advertisements, has default configs and cvar’s.

download counter strike 1.6 full version for pc – It’s the same as o described few lines back, but this installion is full, it has all model’s and sprite’s which we are using right now, when we are playing this game.

cs 1.6 download crack – This definition explains that, this download link give’s you a fully cracked client.

counter strike 1.6 download digital zone – CS creadted by digital zone

cs 1.6 download hl.exe – What’s the difference beetween normal ant this installion defition is that, that this has hl.exe via this client you can play half life as well.

counter strike 1.6 download v43 – This tag means, that if you will press on this link you will download exactly v43 protocol version of CS 1.6, in this site you can find such versions as: v44, v43, v48, v47, v60, v23

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Xtreme V6

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Xtreme V6

CS 1.6 XTREME V6 version is very stronghly modifacted with new sprites, models and sounds game client. This client requirements is much more bigger than original CS version. IF you’re bored to playing Original version, this game patch is exactly for you, because playing this version you will face with new game types, guns and monsters.


Download Cs 1.6 non steam

Counter Strike 1.6 non steam download

Counter Strike 1.6 non steam was created for those people who don’t have steam accounts or internet. This game client is cracked steam version, which does not cost money – for free. You can download CS 1.6 nosteam for free and it’s gonna be exactly the same copy as steam selling. This CS 1.6 nonsteam client have all updates, features, maps, sounds and models. Want to download NONSTEAM Press link in the top of the site, thanks.

Utorrent Counter Strike 1.6 client

Download cs 1.6 utorrent

Utorrent Counter Strike 1.6 download client – is a copy of original Counter Strike 1.6 steamed version. But how i said before, not everybody can use direct downloads to download this game fast, so to help for them, we have been created cs 1.6 utorrent client, to make them available to download and play CS 1.6 using torrent program.

Bittorrent CS 1.6 Download

Download cs 1.6 bittorrent

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Bittorrent version using Bittorrent program. This game patch(clients) is the same like original Fps shooter versio. But not everybody can use direct download, they can use just torrent’s to download CS 1.6 BITTORRENT, because they have very slow internet download speed, to help for them, we created this CS bittorrent version. IF you want to downlaod CS 1.6 bittorrent by using bittorrent, just press links below this article

How to use BOTS in our CS 1.6 Clients(Concole commands)

CS 1.6 Bot is short for robot. Bots are used to simulate the network players during their absence.

bot_add — add bot to team with low player amount

bot_add_t — add bot to terrorist team

bot_add_ct — add bot to counter-terrorist team

bot_kick — kick bot (kick bot with name “bot_kick name“, «name» is bot nickname)

bot_kill — kill all bots (kill bot with name “bot_kill name”, «name» is bot nickname)

bot_knives_only — bots using only knife

bot_pistols_only — bots using only pistols

bot_snipers_only — bots using only sniper rifles

bot_all_weapons — bots using all weapons

bot_difficulty (0-3) — bot difficulty (0 – very weak; 1 – weak; 2 – low bots; 3 – high skilled bots).

• This command should be used before you have added bots

bot_prefix name — bots name prefix f.E [BOT] name

bot_join_team ct/t/any — set up to which team bots will be added.

bot_join_after_player 0/1 — bots join only if some players are online (0 — bots join certainly)

bot_allow_rogues 0/1 — if you set to «1» — bots are running and shooting all what they see.