About cs 1.6 Modifications

Cs 1.6 is 18 years old now, and it is not surprisingly that this game started being annoying. To not lose players, fans and developers decided to create more interesting game mods and they have been maded lots of cs 1.6 mods.

If you’re boring playing Original cs 1.6 this article is for you, because below this text we will put some modifications that you will be available to get rid of boredom while playing Counter-Strike 1.6

CSDM– Counter-Strike 1.6 deathmatch. – is a type of gameplay mode where the objective must frag as many players in the game as possible.When enemy are killed, he respawns at the same time without waiting another round.

Zombie Plague – is a modification, developed via AMX Mod X technology as AMX Mod X Plugin, which absolutely changes the gameplay in CS servers. In this mod humans are fighting zombies for survival. This mod has lots of game types: Nemesis, Survivor, swarm and much more. Has more than 30 diffrent zombie and human classes, extra items shop and system, diffrent style grenades.

Deathrun– Is a mod in which a single player fights alone against the other team, his only weapons are his deadly traps.

Gungame – Modification where you start playing with the lowest class pistols and after each 3 kills you are leveling up and getting better guns until you reach AWP, after awp you must to kill somebody with knife, after kill you win the game. There is two types of gungame: team gungame and single gungame.

Paintball – Its a paint ball style game mod. where players are shoting not with the bullets but with the paint’s, each hit means kill.

Soccer [Football] – Same as in reality, just very funny, with glowing persons or ball on fire.

Surf – Mod which has different maps, in these maps you must to surf with board, if you fall of surfing areas you will appear in jail, where you must to fight for your survival or think how to pull up from jail.

Jailbreak – Your point is to pull up from the jail and kill all ct’s to win the round, ofcourse if you playing for ct’s your point is to control all T’s and save your life.

More CS 1.6 MODS:

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